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Talent Strategy

(1) Guiding ideology

Provide strong endogenous power and intellectual support for the high-quality development of the group company during the "fourteenth five year plan".

(2) Basic principles

1. the party manages talents and is market-oriented. We will conscientiously implement the party's organizational line for the new era, adhere to the principle of the party governing talent, promote innovation in the work of "the party governing talent" by means of market-oriented means, and highlight the role of market driven, market standard and market incentive in talent allocation.

2. give priority to talents and serve development. Establish the talent priority development strategy, always take serving the high-quality development of the group company as the fundamental starting point and foothold of talent work, and adhere to the synchronous planning and promotion of talent work with the major projects and key tasks of the group company during the "14th five year plan".

3. innovate mechanism and stimulate vitality. Focusing on the strategic objectives of the group company, focusing on system innovation, mechanism innovation and system innovation, we will continue to open up new fields and spaces for talent development, improve the talent training, attraction and use mechanism, and improve the talent evaluation, mobility and incentive mechanism.

4. open up talents and gather talents for business. Focusing on the high-quality development plan of the group company in the "14th five year plan", we will improve the integrated talent mechanism of "introduction, education, employment and retention", constantly optimize the talent development environment, and do everything possible to attract, train, make good use of and retain talents, so that talents in all aspects can take their place and develop their strengths.

(3) "1357" strategic system

1. achieve one goal (overall goal): by 2025, cultivate and bring up a world-class ecological industry talent cluster with sufficient quantity, optimized structure, reasonable layout and excellent quality, form a new situation of talent work that includes attracting talents, selecting the best through competition, bringing forth talents in large numbers, making full use of talents and talents, and provide strong endogenous power and intellectual support for the high-quality development of the group company during the "14th five year plan".

2. promote three projects (major projects):

"Forest +" talent development project

"Park +" talent development project

"Lake +" talent development project

3. improve the five systems (important tasks):

We will improve the talent selection system. We will continue to promote the market-oriented talent introduction mechanism, standardize the construction of the board of directors, comprehensively implement the tenure system and contractual management of the management, strengthen the construction of a contingent of outstanding young cadres, and promote the construction of the enterprise's internal talent market.

Improve the personnel training system. We will fully implement the "successor" training plan, optimize the ability and quality improvement plan, strengthen cadre exchanges, and comprehensively establish a high-level innovative talent training mechanism.

Improve the talent evaluation system. We will improve the ability and performance oriented talent evaluation mechanism, establish a scientific talent evaluation index system and talent evaluation methods, and strengthen the analysis and application of assessment results.

We will improve the talent incentive system. Adhere to the principle of combining incentives with constraints, and improve the distribution incentive mechanism of classification. In view of different development directions and approaches of various talents, we will improve the position and rank promotion mechanism. We will make overall use of various medium - and long-term incentive policies and improve the medium - and long-term incentive mechanism.

Improve the talent supervision system. We will strengthen supervision over cadres before they take office, gradually implement systematic and scientific supervision over cadres, and constantly expand from organizational supervision to discipline enforcement supervision, audit supervision, public opinion supervision and mass supervision, so as to form a supervision and management chain of strict prevention in advance, strict management in the process and strict punishment after the event.

4. implement seven actions (key actions):

Market oriented reform. We will fully implement the tenure system and contractual management of management members, encourage and support qualified secondary subsidiaries to accelerate the implementation of the professional manager system, strengthen market-oriented selection and employment, optimize the salary distribution mechanism, and flexibly carry out various medium and long-term incentives.

Scientific assessment and evaluation. Organize and carry out the assessment and evaluation of the human resources system, comprehensively assess the human resources work of the enterprise from the aspects of human resources business sections, strategic matching, talent satisfaction, management professionalism and other evaluation dimensions, and organize the selection of personnel cadres of star level organizations.

Professional talent review action. Conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation on the competence, working status and training potential of cadres and workers, deeply understand the current situation of enterprise human resource allocation, and formulate practical human resource management policies and allocation plans.

Three dimensional talent training action. Establish a multi-level training management mechanism, gradually establish a hierarchical and classified system of training, deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, and establish a new mode of joint training of talents. Within five years, the group has organized more than 100 special lectures on "Zhonglin lecture hall" at all levels.

Regionalized shared service actions. Explore the establishment of human resources sharing service centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Yangtze River Delta, support secondary subsidiaries to establish regional sharing service platforms within the company, centralize administrative affairs such as personnel recruitment, salary accounting, labor relations, personnel files, and establish unified service standards and processes.

Information management promotion action. Build a human resource management system, establish and improve the group's talent information network and talent database, promote the sharing of talent resource information, and strengthen the control of key human resource nodes and processes.

Project oriented typical tree cultivation action. The top ten annual figures of "forest +", "Park +" and "Lake +" were selected. Efforts were made to build a platform, focus on cultivating trees, and give strong support. The cultivation and care were carried out at the same time, and the deeds of typical figures were publicized and displayed to play a demonstration and leading role.

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