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Corporate Culture

The core value concept of China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. is honesty and innovation. It takes honesty and realism as the fundamental driving force to promote enterprise development, and takes enterprising innovation as the development concept to fully promote the rapid development of forestry economy; The highest value orientation of China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. is to create an enterprise with harmonious development between human beings and nature.

It means "two mountains", namely green water and green mountains and golden and silver mountains. It is stated that being a green river and a green mountain is the pacesetter and practitioner of the "two mountains" theory of Jinshan and Yinshan.

It means the three business segments of "forest +" "Lake +" and "Park +" of the group, which constitute the strong cornerstone of the group's high-quality development.

It is the English abbreviation of Zhonglin group, which means that the group adheres to the "going global" development strategy to build a world-class enterprise.

General description: implement the new development concept, strengthen and optimize the three main businesses of "forest +," Lake + "and" Park + ", be the pacesetter and practitioner of the" two mountains "theory, promote the group's high-quality development, and write its achievements on the beautiful land of China.

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