Concept of social responsibility

Environmental sustainability and social sustainability are three dimensions of corporate social responsibility.

Economic Sustainability——Implement the new development concept, focus on "Ecological Industrialization and industrial ecology", and promote the implementation of the "forest +" Lake + "and" Park + "strategies. We will actively "go global", become an operator of global forest resources, improve the level of international operation, and serve the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Provide high-quality ecological products and services for people's happy life.

Environmental Sustainability——Take ecological responsibility, act as a green guardian of ecological civilization, and maintain global ecological balance and biodiversity. Care for global forests, follow the forestry development policies of all countries in the world, adhere to the low-carbon and environmental protection business model, spread the concept of green development, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the global forestry industry.

Social sustainability——Comprehensively run enterprises according to law, and implement industry regulatory standards and compliance requirements. Adhere to equal employment, smooth employee development channels, and create a safer, healthier and more harmonious working environment. Give play to the leading and exemplary role of central enterprises in the industry, join hands with private enterprises, help targeted poverty alleviation through industrial development, be enthusiastic about public welfare and warm the society.

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